GA Country Clover
A family backyard adventure with big personality. We have Heritage Oberhasli Goats, Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spots Hogs, Free Range Chickens and several colonies of Bees.
Welcome to our farm.
Fresh Farm Eggs
Our farm eggs are laid by our chickens who free range during the day. They are raised naturally with no antibiotics and are given only all natural supplements for their top notch health. We currently raise Cochins, Easter Eggers, Wyandotte, Cream Legbar, Delaware, Bielefelder and French Copper Marans. Our next coop project will be for the Orpingtons, Leghorn and Polish Chickens.
$4 for a dozen or $2.50 for a half dozen eggs.
Fluffy Bottoms
We offer straight run chicks when available.
These cute biddies will be the offspring of our beloved pet chickens. Our flock has access to a safe free range time in the mornings and afternoons while we tend our garden. Clean coop is our priority to ensure these birds are healthy and happy.
Contacts us for the latest hatch.
Produce and Seedlings
Our family farm is busy during the growing season. We grow your favorite veggies and sell them at the local farmers market. All produce are grown organically and all are cared for by hand to ensure quality. We sell cut flowers on occasion too.
Seedlings will be available upon request.
100% Raw Honey
What is a farm without pure sweet honey? We have five working beehives with happy bees. They are all local bees from a local apiary from Georgia. Having a bee colony helps with our crop pollination and our honey is 100% unrefined pure.
This is one of our products that we look forward to having in our farm. It is nutritious and full of antioxidants.
Oberhasli Goats
Oberhasli goats are large in size and affection. They are very calm and quiet choice of livestock for a family farm like ours. They produce a sweet-tasting milk with a butter fat content of 3.5 to 4 percent. Our family and friends cant tell the difference between our goat's milk from a regular cow's milk that was bought from a store.
We are delighted to make an all natural goat's milk soap. See us at the farmers market to sample our products.
Gloucestershire Old Spots
Old Spots or Cottage Pigs as what they are commonly called are a one of a kind breed of pigs. They are known for their sweet personality, intelligence and they reign supreme as the pork of choice by chefs for their top notch flavor.
We have a registered breeding stock and piglets will be at a market price when available.
Farm Products Coming Soon!
We are taking our next steps to a sustainable living. This includes careful planning on livestock and
agricultural additions that will bring natural benefits to your home and garden produce. 
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Country adventures of a lucky clover
Living simple with a fancy flair.
Taking the honky tonk to the next level, while enjoying southern hospitality and fried chicken.
The best is yet to come!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.